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Cathy Cohen Wellness Center – USA

The Cathy Cohen Wellness Center  is relocating to Florida / USA.  To an an innovative facility in Tampa Florida.  cathyThe clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness. We offer customized wellness packages, directional supplementation, proprietary diet strategies, detox regimes, and much more, in a safe, professional, and comfortable environment.

The center is open 6 days a week. Weekend access to the suite is limited, so please check with the nurse or reception if Sunday arrangements need to be made.

This center will provide access to state-of-the-art supplements and dietary plans and other approaches, which are not covered under the OHIP/Canada schedule. Our clinical services exceed national clinical quality standards.

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What do we offer?

  1. Wellness packages to help with general health or specific problems
  2. Multi-format Detoxification
  3. Nutritional counselling and dietary approaches to weight loss and well being
  4. Immune re-sensitization and amplification
  5. Supplementation for multiple end-points

In the world today, the two main causes of premature death are heart disease and cancer. There are presently 15-20 million cancer cases in the world today, up to 5 million of those being unaware of their disease. These numbers are on the rise. In the US alone, in 2014, there were 600,000 cancer related deaths, and 1.7 million new cases.

In men, the number one cancer is prostate, present in 43% of male cancer patients. In females, 41% of known cancers are breast tumors. There are now more than 200 known types of cancer in humans, the vast majority being fat-soluble in nature.

The standard allopathic approach is to employ chemotherapeutic regimes to treat tumors. Unfortunately, these harsh drugs are given by IV or Hickman line administration, so the entire body is exposed to these poisons, and share in their effects. The truth is that the medical community is completely uncertain of the results of the administration of any chemo drug, and hopes, collectively, that the drug will kill the tumor before it kills the patient.

Is there a set of supplements which might help to shield the effects of chemotherapeutic agents on the rest of the body? Yes there is.

For questions or to make an appointment to see one of our knowledgeable technologists or nurses, please fill the form below. Initial consultation is recommended for us to collect some information as to your history or circumstances, and to begin constructing a wellness plan tailored to you needs and objectives.


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BREAST CANCER SCREENING:   The New (2015) Breast Cancer screening mammography guidelines recommend screening later and less often. The Operative Words are less often.

 If you must get Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening Consider a Breast MRI instead where available –as depicted in the MRI Image for this post- which is cancer safe and better at finding certain cancers than mammograms. MRI breast cancer screenings are more expensive and take longer to perform and are reserved for women at high risk of developing breast cancer.   Consult with your healthcare professional to assess the risks and benefits of your decisions.

HOWEVER, other than minimizing exposure to ionizing radiation such as x-ray, what you really need to know is that if you already have breast cancer you may not want to squeeze your breasts hard under the plates of the mammography machine to take the x-ray of your breasts.  Both the squeezing and the x-ray radiation increase risk of  damage to your health.   Consult with your healthcare professional to assess the risks and benefits of your decisions.


For every 2,000 women invited to screen for breast cancer over a period of ten years, one death from breast cancer will be avoided—but 10 healthy women, who never would have become symptomatic or die from their disease, will wind up diagnosed and treated for breast cancer unnecessarily.

 Journal of the National Cancer Institute estimates that 25 percent of breast cancers detected on mammogram, 50 percent of lung cancers diagnosed by chest X-ray and sputum (saliva) analysis, and 60 percent of prostate cancers diagnosed by prostate-specific antigen (PSA) are “over diagnosed”.

“over diagnosis” defined as “the diagnosis of a ‘cancer’ that would otherwise not go on to cause symptoms or death.” It is not the same as misdiagnosis, which implies that the pathologist made a mistake looking at the specimen under a microscope.

Over diagnosis suggests that the cancer exists, but that it is clinically irrelevant—that left untreated, either it would regress spontaneously or the patient would die of something else before the cancer caused harm.


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All too often, these over diagnosed conditions are treated with medically unnecessary procedures that reduce patients’ quality of life, including radical surgery and treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation that are known to predispose to other cancers in the future.

A Norwegian study that compared 109,784 women who were screened only once in six years to another group of 119,472 women who were screened every two years found that the group that got more mammograms had 22 percent more invasive breast cancer diagnoses than the group that got screened only once.

The Norwegian researchers concluded that the more frequent mammograms found some invasive breast cancers that would have disappeared if left untreated. In other words, some invasive breast cancers would have spontaneously resolved if they hadn’t been detected first.

Responding to the concern for over diagnosis and over-treatment, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force just changed its guidelines.   The new guidelines, just published in the Journal of the American Medicine Association.

Your Life Style can prevent cancers in the first place; if too late, and Cancering is already occurring in the body, the body’s self-healing mechanisms, that is immunity, must be optimized to invite cancer out.  

We all have a better chance in preventing cancer and if we are inflicted by it to eradicate it by natural medicine when diagnosed early; unless it is an advanced condition where cancer is spreading faster than any method traditional, conventional or natural.

In all cases consult with your healthcare professional to assess the risks and benefits of your decisions in regards to subjecting your body to any and all types of radiation.