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Oceans Alive


Oceans Alive | The Ultimate Energy Fuel

100 ml

Oceans Alive is the ultimate fuel to empower you with a residual increase of superior energy each and every day!

Made with fresh harvested marine phytoplankton, a full spectrum nutrient that feeds your body at the cellular level. Supports optimum brain and heart function while fully energizing every cell in your body.

Upgrade your life on a daily basis going forward with this microscopic, ultra powerful ocean nutrient!

This Oceans Superfood helps people gain health and nourishment, aims at providing health benefits such as increased energy, improved digestion, the ability to fortify one's immune system and is specifically designed to give people hundreds of essential nutrients and 92 trace minerals.

Marine phytoplankton feeds over 99% of life in the ocean and has been named mother nature's original perfect food.

Every drop of this DNA Rocket Fuel contains more than 5 billion identical cells of energy that feeds your mitochondria like nothing you have experienced before.

Just one dose of marine phytoplankton nutrients for one's body to produce glutathione, the master antioxidant. Not to mention it provides long chain Omega-3 essential fatty acids, beta carotene, astaxanthin as well as the energy one's body needs for efficient DNA repair and stem cell production.

Everyone reports a joyful mental energy and the power to make the most of every day! This is the ultimate activator to high levels of health and is foundational to maximizing your quality of life.

Special Features:

Liquid Marine Phytoplankton is a proprietary blend of Phyto/Nano nutrients consisting of Nannochloropsis Gaditana, Nannochloropsis Galasemis and Concentrated Purified Sea Mineral Trace Elements


Shake well before use. Add 1 to 15 drops into 4 ox. water or juice and drink, with or without food. For Children & Adults.