Zeolite for Detoxification: Fact or Myth?

Zeolite for Detoxification: Fact or Myth?
by Dr. David Minkoff 


Heavy metals (the elements, not the music genre) are known to cause significant health problems when present in the human body. This critical health issue is quite common and yet often missed in diagnoses due to the similarity of the symptoms of metal toxicity and other illnesses.

Heavy metals have been identified as root causes for many conditions, including:

  • Brain fog
  • Confusion
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nerve dysfunction
  • Chills
  • Weakness
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Malformation of children
  • Miscarriage and premature labor

Over the last 20 years, the practice of detoxifying your body and eliminating these metals has become an increasingly popular way to improve overall health. Unfortunately, many supplement manufacturers have hopped on the bandwagon and used the momentum to market ineffective products that base their claims exclusively on hype. One prime example of this is a popular class of heavy metal detox products made from zeolite – a group of volcanic compounds touted for their ability to safely bind to heavy metals and flush them out of the body.

If you look online, you will find much contradictory information on zeolite. Some experts claim the benefits are nothing but a myth, while others proclaim zeolite works miracles.

Thankfully – science always wins out in the end. Like any health product, the truth about zeolite has everything to do with the supplement’s manufacturing and preparation.


What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a class of minerals formed during volcanic action. They are composed of silica, aluminum, and oxygen, and there are over 40 zeolites found in nature. The unique, crystalline structure of zeolites allows them to hold water and many other elements. The name “zeolite” translates literally as “boiling stone” and was named in the 1700s because steam rises from it when heated.

Countless studies have demonstrated that specific zeolites have chelating properties that allow them to absorb and effectively neutralize many toxic and radioactive elements, including cesium – a radioactive byproduct of nuclear fission. Powdered zeolites have effectively cleaned up toxic spills and reduced environmental toxins, especially in significant incidents like Chernobyl, Fukushima, and other nuclear disasters.

The ability of zeolites to trap toxic elements led to the development of dietary supplements designed to detoxify the body of heavy metals. As it stands, zeolite supplements are taken by thousands of people planetwide. The sad fact is that many of these people are being scammed.


The Effectiveness of Zeolite Supplements

Few human trials exist that demonstrate the efficacy of oral zeolite supplements. Most evidence that exists to back these products is anecdotal, and the lack of human clinical trials is alarming – especially when you consider how simple such trials would be.

Furthermore, most zeolite supplements undergo minimal processing and have been found to contain some of the toxic heavy metals that they are supposed to eliminate. One study evaluated three of the most popular zeolite substances on the market and found that each product had high concentrations of aluminum, arsenic, lead, and uranium.

The same study found the supplements to be effective at eliminating cesium, but not any other metals. In fact, the concentration of some metals even increased.

On the other hand, there is an argument to be made that the effectiveness and safety of zeolite lie in the honeycomb-like structure that retains metals, halting the release of the metals to the body during the digestive process. A laboratory testing environment to determine chemical composition does not necessarily equate to the substances entering your bloodstream. However, it does indicate that the zeolite structures analyzed are already full of heavy metals and are likely ineffective at detoxifying your body.

Zeolite is also promoted as an effective solution to remove glyphosate, black mold, and an array of other toxic substances from your body. As to the truth of this claim, too little scientific data exists in relation to human consumption and the effects when taken orally. One manufacturer even uses the “scientific backup” of a report detailing zeolite’s use in a mortar product (yes, we are talking construction) to reduce mold. Bleach is also an effective mold-killer, but I sure wouldn’t drink it.

In summary, high-quality and purified zeolite supplements might be moderately effective at removing heavy metals from your body and some degree of detoxification – but most of the popular, marketed supplements are almost entirely hype.


A Safe, Effective, and Science-Backed Solution for the Detoxification of Heavy Metals

If you suffer from heavy metal toxicity, you were probably excited when you first heard about the “miracle” of zeolite. Unfortunately, you likely did not experience the results you wanted after taking it – just a significant hit on your bank account. Instead of scouring the web for a zeolite supplement that has been adequately processed and cleansed on heavy metals for mediocre results, we have a better solution: Metal-Free™.

Metal-Free is a groundbreaking, proprietary heavy-metal chelating system with a unique molecular formula that creates a three-wage cage bond in the form of a peptide, allowing it to move naturally throughout your body. It safely captures the toxins and will not re-release them into your bloodstream, eventually disposing of them through your stool (rather than the kidneys, which can be particularly harsh on the body).

Unlike zeolite, Metal-Free is backed by science and clinical case studies that demonstrate its efficacy beyond a doubt. It was developed after careful research into nature’s most effective natural chelators as a solution to heavy metal toxicity that was decimating the health of those closest to us.


Comprehensive Body Detoxification

When you look beyond heavy metals, there are hundreds of thousands of toxins we are exposed to each day. Most of them are flushed out through the liver, kidneys, and other natural detoxification pathways, but many toxins become lodged in fat cells and cause ongoing systemic damage.

Body Detox is a comprehensive, proprietary detoxification program that combines advanced biotechnology, homeopathy, and natural medicine. It harnesses advanced nutrient formulas for total body detox, including:

  1. Glycoprotein nanoparticles as effective chelators for heavy metal elimination
  2. Nutrients designed to rebuild and maintain your intestinal lining and digestive tract
  3. Antioxidants to help maintain homeostasis and reduce oxidative stress
  4. A proprietary, advanced formulation to help shunt toxins through your liver and to your intestines, thereby reducing strain on your kidneys
  5. Supplemental glutathione (your body’s natural detoxification agent) to ensure your body’s stock of this vital nutrient remains intact

Unlike many supplements that are created exclusively in a lab with minimal, if any, real-world testing and verification, I formulated Body Detox to solve a problem I experienced first-hand with my patients. Many years of research and testing resulted in a unique formula that works, as evidenced by the hundreds of patients who have benefitted from the reduction of their overall toxic load by taking this product.


The Bottom Line

Toxins and heavy metals are a real problem in today’s world, and you need real, effective solutions to eliminate them for improved health and longevity. Zeolite may have some moderate workability but lacks sufficient research, with the data muddied by unethical supplement manufacturers who are more interested in the bottom line than their patients.

Metal-Free and Body Detox are safe and effective products designed by a doctor for patients to provide real-world results. Try them today!




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