There is something called a Lean Bulk.

There is something called a Lean Bulk. And it's real. Adding Lean Muscle without the extra layer of fat and without the need for cutting.
But not with the protein sources most of us use which are generally over 80% converted to sugars.
There is actually a lot of misinformation that goes around about protein sources and the need for bulking and cutting.
In reality, with the right protein source you wouldn't need to bulk and then cut, trying to save as much muscle as you can. It really isn't necessary.
This comes down to protein utilization. There is a datum that 1 gram of protein has 4 calories. But that's just a generalization. Different protein sources have different calorie amounts depending on how much of the protein is actually used for building new protein and how much is converted to sugar or fats - the actual calories.
When you consume protein it's broken down into its basic building blocks, the amino acids. Your body then sifts through them looking for the essential amino acids - the amino acids it can't make on it's own.
If all are present, and in the right ratio one to another, your body then uses them not only to make protein, but to make any of the other non-essential amino acids necessary to make different types of protein.
But if there are extra essential or non-essential amino acids left over, that couldn't be put to use, your body doesn't store them for later like it does with fat. It has no way to.
Instead it converts them into glucose, sugar, and burns them for energy. Or, if you have a slower metabolism, it may convert them into fat for use later on.
How does this play out with other protein sources?
Well, BCAAs are only 3 of the Essential Amino Acids. But to make protein you need ALL of them. So BCAAs for the most part are converted straight to sugar. That's the energy boost you get but also the sugar-low later on.
Whey and soy have enough essential amino acids to be 18% utilized in making new protein for muscle. The other 82% is converted to sugar or fat.
Meats are 32% utilized for protein building and whole eggs are 48% utilized.
But each of these provides a large source of calories when taken and it is this that makes it necessary to bulk and cut.
PerfectAmino is pure essential amino acids and nothing else, in the exact ratio necessary to build new proteins. Because of this it's 99% utilized by the body.
How does that compare?
One serving of PerfectAmino is equivalent to 30 grams of whey protein - but instead of 120 calories... it has only 2.
Taking PerfectAmino allows for a true clean bulk where one can just keep moving up without having to cut, keeping all their muscle mass along the way.
And, when taken 20-30 minutes before a workout, PerfectAmino is fully absorbed into the bloodstream and able to help repair micro-tears in the muscle AS they occur, leading to increased endurance and faster recoveries.
Also, as there are only 2 calories per serving, it’s perfect for Intermittent Fasting as it won’t break a fast and prevents muscle loss during fasts. Some people actually experience lean muscle increases during their fasts when taking PerfectAmino.
For building Lean Muscle - without the calories or ANY additives - there is literally nothing better.
100% Vegan, Non-GMO, with No Gluten, Sugar​, Dairy or Soy

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