How Are Protein Sources So Different?

It's all in the ratio of the Essential Amino Acids

Every plant or animal has its own specific essential amino acid needs in different amounts. And this is no different for the human body.

So what we get from these different sources isn't necessarily the ratio and amounts that we need, as each source has a different amount and ratio to give.

For example, whey, pea and soy proteins are only 16%-18% essential amino acids in the correct ratio one to another that the human body can use to make new protein and collagen. The rest are non-essential amino acids that aren't used or "extra" essential amino acids that couldn't be paired. 

This means that only 18% of whey is actually used to make new protein... The rest is converted to sugar. This excess sugar, if it can't be immediately used, then triggers fat storage.

Now, some people will say that if you only have some of the EAAs then these will be mixed with other EAAs from other sources. This isn't true for one main reason: Your body can't store amino acids for later use. It can store fat. It can store sugars in the for of glycogen. But has no way to store amino acids.

Amino acids will stay in the blood stream for only about 2-3 hours before being converted to sugar if they can't be paired with other essential amino acids.

This means two things: 1) We're not getting nearly as much actual protein as we think, and 2) We also have a large source of hidden sugars in our diet - not very helpful when trying to get lean and healthy.

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